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Whether you enjoy singing off key in the shower, belting out tunes on karaoke night, or angelic choir singing, voice lessons from Michele Holland Piano & Voice in Healdsburg, CA will help you learn to enhance the skills you currently have and develop new ones. Regardless of prior training and experience, I work with all skill levels to train voices to be beautiful.

Michele Holland Piano & Voice uses powerful solutions to address any type of vocal challenge. Some of the most common problems that students have in voice lessons are:

• Tone Quality
• Style
• Lack of Range
• Breathing
• Stamina
• Pitch and Rhythm
• Lack of Live Experience
• Stage Fright

I am able to work with students to help conquer all of these problems and help to build the voice that clients dream about. As a superior voice instructor, Michele Holland Piano & Voice understands that many vocal problems are caused by voices that have an undeveloped bridge. Bridges are naturally occurring low to high register shifts that are in every voice. To develop mastery of the student's bridge, it requires knowledge of vocal function, vocal anatomy, and acoustics.

Most people are able to speak all day without getting tired. When people try to sing, however, that is often when the frustration begins. The answer to this problem is voice lessons from Michel Holland Piano & Voice to learn the proper technique. The voice of each student will grow naturally once students learn how to use it efficiently.

Michele Holland Piano & Voice works with students to get past the limitations and problems that many singers face. I help students to understand that there is no mystical process to singing, and that everyone is capable of having a beautiful singing voice.

Learn how to sing with private voice lessons now!

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